Taïma Linen/Cotton Single Curtain with Eyelets

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A perfect blend of linen and cotton, this dreamy fabric brings privacy whilst having a luminous quality, allowing light to filter through.Made from the finest quality material, these easy-care, washable curtains add classic elegance to any room. Complete with metal ring eyelet headers, this Taïma design is finished to perfection and ready to hang.Please Note: This curtain is sold individually, not in pairs, which is common in Europe but less so in the UK. This is due to the wider variety of window sizes and shapes. You can simply buy as many (or as few) panels as you need, dependent upon the width of the window you are covering. All stated measurements refer to a single curtain panel.Product Details¬†•¬†¬†Meets our Best Quality requirements¬†•¬†¬†55% linen, 45% cotton¬†•¬†¬†Metal eyelet header¬†•¬†¬†Inner diameter of eyelets: 4cm¬†•¬†¬†Tightly woven opaque fabric¬†•¬†¬†Stitched hem¬†•¬†¬†Excellent colourfastness in sunlight¬†•¬†¬†Easy care : less creasing, easy ironing¬†•¬†¬†To assist you in choosing and hanging your curtains, do not hesitate to consult our guide by typing ‘Curtain Guide’ into our search box¬†•¬†¬†For washing instructions, refer to the product packaging¬†•¬†¬†Keep in mind that some fabrics may shrink when washed (natural fibres). So please wash your curtains before making any adjustmentsFind the full Taima collection online.¬†Sizes¬†•¬†¬†Height. 180 x Width. 145cm¬†•¬†¬†Height. 220 x Width. 145cm¬†•¬†¬†Height. 260 x width. 145cm¬†•¬†¬†Height. 350 x width. 145cm

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