Sony SRS-LSR100 Wireless Handy TV Speaker





Sony’s SRS-LSR100 Wireless Handy TV speaker is your own personal TV speaker to ensure you can always hear the TV clearly. With a reliable wireless connection it’s free to place wherever is best for you. It ensures audio clarity whether you’re watching by yourself, with friends, or if watching TV from a distance. It can enhance the spoken word to make sure it’s crisp and clear, and it’s compatible with all TVs with a headphone or optical output. Wireless Simplicity The speaker is completely wireless. The supplied charging dock/transmitter is powered by the mains and plugs into the TV’s headphone or optical output. Simply place the speaker to charge on the dock for up to 16 hours of totally wireless listening. The speaker powers off automatically after ten minutes of silence to save on battery power. Don’t Miss a Word If watching by yourself, enhance the sound of the TV without disturbing other people. Or if watching with friends and family, bring the sound closer to you to hear clearly and still keep up with the conversation of those around you. Or keep up to date with every line of your programme when watching from a distance, say, while preparing food in the kitchen. Sound Enhanced by Sony With Voice Zoom mode, clever Sony tech enhances the audio frequencies of spoken dialogue so you can hear every word without increasing overall volume. And Auto Volume mode automatically adjusts the overall volume in noisier situations. It’s also rated IPX2 drip proof so you can use with confidence in the kitchen or near the sink. Compatibility The SRS-LSR100 works with all TVs with a headphone or optical output. It even works as a remote control with TV brands: Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Sharp, Toshiba, Grundig, Hitachi, Loewe, Telefunken, Thomson and United.

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