Savin Pencil Pleat Panel Curtains





Features: -Material Composition: Polyester.-Additional Material Features: .-Material: Polyester -Material Details: Polyester..-Product Type: Curtains.-Light Filtration: Semi Sheer.-Thermal Curtains: Yes.-Soundproof: No.-Colour: .-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 274cm, Burgundy): Solid Colour.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 228cm, Burgundy): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 183cm, Burgundy): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 168cm x 183cm, Burgundy): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 168cm x 137cm, Burgundy): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 117cm x 137cm, Burgundy): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 274cm, Gold): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 228cm, Gold): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 168cm x 183cm, Gold): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 168cm x 137cm, Gold): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 117cm x 137cm, Gold): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 274cm, Teal): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 183cm, Teal): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 168cm x 137cm, Teal): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 117cm x 137cm, Teal): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 228cm x 274cm, Purple): Damask.-Pattern (Size: 22

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