Redecker Ostrich Feather Duster, Large





Redecker’s premium ostrich feather duster has been ethically sourced. Ostrich feather dusters are great for dusting delicate things; they’re perfect for cleaning small ornaments and other fragile possessions. Ostrich feathers are held in the highest esteem by professionals because of their softness and thoroughness making this duster perfect for your valuables. The fine fluffy feathers contain millions of small fibres that latch onto the dust in an iron-like grip, yet a simple shake outdoors releases the dust making it ready for use again. Material – ostrich feather, brazil pinewood The feathers used in this duster have been certified and meet the Ostrich Feather Assurance Scheme (OFAS) standards, which helps to develop better ostrich farming practices. As a responsible retailer, we’re committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare in all stages of the supply chain. We require that our suppliers do likewise, by eliminating cruel practices in animal husbandry and providing the best possible conditions for animals whose by-products are used to make the things we sell. We have worked with the supplier and ensured that this product meets the John Lewis animal welfare policy.

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