Plastic 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set




The 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set is a versatile space saving solution which can be applied for many uses – such as the storage of seasonal summer/ winter clothing, duvets, blankets, throws, cushions and curtains. The volume of your stowed items can be reduced by up to 75% making the 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set a practical way to store things away safely beneath the bed or in attics, wardrobes, cupboards and garages and the transparent design makes it easy to locate the items which you are looking for after storing. It is also ideal to use for travel – and is great for using inside suitcases when space is at a premium! The one-way valve keeps the 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set air-tight and waterproof and protects contents from dirt, dust, odour, insects, mildew & mould. The 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set is easy to wipe clean if the outside surface gets a little dusty following storage – while your stored items remain fresh and clean inside. The 15 Piece Clothes Storage Set is manufactur

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