Canon Speedlight 430 EX III-RT External Flash With Remote Flash & LCD Screen





Canon’s sophisticated Speedlight 430 EX III-RT flash accessory not only gives you work versatility, it opens up another world of dynamic shooting techniques. With the remote flash feature, you can link up the unit to your camera and control it wirelessly, so you can transform your photos with a range of clever light reworks. Combined with its small frame and intuitive LCD screen, this work-boosting accessory will give your process convenience and edge. Punches Above Its Weight Despite its low weight of 295g, its guide number of 43 (m,ISO100) delivers a potent brightness that’s sure to match most occasions. It’s only 11.3cm long too, so it’s super-easy to fit in your bag and carry around. Furthermore, it’s powered by popular AA batteries. Remote Flash, Wireless Control You can control the flash wirelessly through radio frequency triggering from up to 30m away. Without needing a direct line of sight, you can place the unit in a massive number of places without worrying about the wireless working. So, you’ll have far more control over the mood, effect and aura of your snaps. Movable Flash Head, Bounced Light Using the movable flash head, you can bounce light off walls or ceilings for a shadow-free effect that’s perfect for portraits. Furthermore, the built-in reflector panel helps create sparkling catch lights in a subject’s eyes, bringing their expression to life. The included Bounce Adapter softens the light even more, while the supplied coloured filter warms up the image so it better matches indoor ambient lighting. Intuitive LCD Interface The user-friendly LCD interface has a range of shortcut controls to access key features in an instant. Adjust settings quickly, glance at setting and shooting information and use the lock-switch so you don’t change anything accidentally. It’s also illuminated for low-light conditions. Compatibility This is compatible with the Canon PS G Series & PS S5 IS cameras. If you’re looking for compatible Canon cameras, take a look at our camera selection .

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