Bose® Solo 5 Sound Bar with Bluetooth





The Bose Solo 5 is a one-piece soundbar which brings clear dialogue to your favourite TV shows, even at low levels. Equipped with advanced Bose technologies and Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to hear every word spoken on the television and in your music. Loud and clear Engineered to help clearly reproduce everything from dialogue to details, the Solo 5 makes sure that the spoken word surrounds the room to be distinctly heard. And when you want even more clarity, its dialogue mode makes every discussion, confrontation and statement easier to hear – without adjusting the volume. Bluetooth connectivity Connect the Solo 5 sound system to a compatible, portable device via Bluetooth and enjoy your playlists. This allows for a seamless connection by which you can stream your music throughout the home, wirelessly. Flexible placement Setup is easy, with just one connection to your TV. You can place this one-piece soundbar almost anywhere, whether it’s in front of the TV, on a shelf, or mounted on your wall. A universal remote (included) makes for simplified daily use of your TV and connected sources. This means that you can be sat anywhere in the room and you’ll still be able to control your home cinema system, all from one controller. Delivery information: If you buy a large screen TV along with this item, please note that they’ll be delivered separately.

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