Beko Frost Free Combi Water Dispenser





Beko Frost Free Combi with Water Dispenser. This model is part of our energy efficient EcoSmart range and has been verified by the Energy Savings Trust. Fridge Freezers are on continuously therefore consume a lot of electricity. This A+ fridge-freezer costs #5 per month to run. With the non-plumbed water dispenser, you have access to cool and refreshing water without the need to plumb anything in. Beko’s intuitive freezer guard technology means that you can position your freezer anywhere in the home and your food will stay frozen, even if the outside temperature drops to as low as -15?C. There is no need to manually defrost the freezer. This great feature prevents ice building up and restricting valuable storage space. The chrome wire wine rack is a convenient and stylish way to store your bottles of wine or ideal for 2 litre soft drink bottles. The antibacterial door seal prevents bacteria from forming and entering the fridge. The Ice Bank Freezer Tray is really handy for making and storing ice cubes. The half depth glass shelf is great for storing tall bottles on the fridge shelf. Convenient feature, if you are restricted on where you can place your appliance. Large storage space for all your favourite fruit and vegetables. With clear freezer drawer fronts, you will be able to easily find what you’re looking for. Equipped with full width commodity racks, you can optimize the space in your fridge for your favourite jams, sauces and smaller items. This Beko appliance is A+ energy rated which means you can be assured to save money, as well as being kind to the environment.

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