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Home improvement ideas and DIY projects perfect for lockdown

With the current lockdown situation, we all have a lot more time to spend at home than we usually do. Why not make the most of this time and take the opportunity to improve this space in which we spend so much time?

We have compiled for you a few ideas of the best projects you can do right now. They are fun, and they will improve your home, and even add value to it! Don’t wait too long, and get started straight away! 🙂

Repaint a room

This is a great way to give a new burst of life to an existing room. Sometimes we forget how much potential our flats or homes have because we’re so used to seeing the same paint and furniture all the time. Have a look at some interior design blogs for inspiration – or even on Instagram (we find it to be a great place for interior design inspiration!)

Refurbish old furniture

There is a lot you can do with old furniture. Maybe you just need to fix some loose screws, or glue back some pieces. One of the most rewarding and easy things you can do is painting furniture with chalk paint to get a shabby chic look. You can find tons of guides on how to do this online and the great thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Create an amazing home office space

When you spend so much time at home, and especially if you have a full-time job, it becomes vital to have a proper office space at home. Take some time to make sure you have the basics: good lighting, a good chair and desk that allow you to work with a good posture.

To make your space even more enjoyable, make sure you have some inspirational objets around you: plants, artwork, or any object that makes you happy or means something to you.